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Bundle wrapping machine

Capacity 12-15bundles / Min.
Product feeding Bundle carrier
Bundle size range Min. 230L x 140W x 110H mm
Max. 400L x 300W x 200H mm
Packaging material Kraft paper
Closed By Gluing (Hot melt)
Touchscreen 10.4"
Size changeover Approx. 2 hours
Power supply 12KW, 220V/380V, 3Phase, 50~60Hz (Excluding Bundle carrier)
Space requirements 4,800 x 3,200 x 2,525 mm
Description 1) The machine offers low maintenance, low noise, quick changover.
2) The machine is accurate and simple to operate by servo driven,
    mechanical driven, pneumatic.
3) Easy reel change by reel lifting device.
4) It is possible to manual/automatic operation by selector switch.
5) Low glue consumption.
6) The machine aggregates touchscreens on the front and back of the machine
    for convenient operation of the operator.